Iowa State Linux

Iowa State Linux is a set of packages released by the Iowa State University Information Technologies Services
(ITS) that gives Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems access to central services like Kerberos Authentication, AFS file space, and Kerberized mail and printing.

Iowa State Linux Packages and Updates

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Iowa State University currently supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).
More information on RHEL is available below. Iowa State Linux (ISL) for RHEL is available through a local channel on the Red Hat Network.

Iowa State Linux Documentation

Documentation for ISL is at URL Linux at Iowa State University.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Iowa State University has a site license for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). The Desktop, Workstation and Advanced Server versions of RHEL are available for university-owned machines, and faculty, staff and students can use the Desktop and Workstation versions on their personal computers free of charge.  Information on the campus subscription to RHEL is at

UNIX/Linux Training

Slides and class exercises are available from the class web site.

Campus and Community Linux Groups

  • TUX: Linux Group for Iowa State Support Staff is a working group of campus professionals who support Linux-based systems for education and research on campus.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux at Iowa State: along with providing the site subscription to RHEL, this site provides technical documents, forums and mailing lists.
  • Ames Free Unix Group: A campus organization that promotes the use of free software and open source software on-campus as well as in the local community.


What the Iowa State Linux Group Does AND Does Not Support

We will do our best to support the following:

  • Operating our standard distribution, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
  • The Iowa State Linux software for Kerberized e-mail, printing, login and AFS support
  • OpenOffice on Linux

This list will undoubtedly expand as our expertise grows. We will not support the following because they are Bad Ideas here on campus:

  • Running a mail server (there are mail servers available)
  • Running a DNS server (this can cause network problems)
  • Running a DHCP server (also causes network problems)

Further Information and Bug Reports

For more information and/or to send comments contact the Iowa State Linux Group at To send bug reports, please e-mail

Last Updated May 17, 2014